10 Things You Need to know before Moving to Australia | Australia Immigration & Visa Advice

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10 Things You Need to know before Moving to Australia | Australia Immigration & Visa Advice

Moving to Australia – 10 Things You Need to know

Moving to Australia is a great and scary experience, below is a light hearted take on moving to Australia and things that you learn when you first move to Australia
You constantly give your brain a maths work out. If its $20, what’s that in euro? So if its 3 o’clock here what time does it make it back home?
You may not have realised it before but when you are the only Irish in a group, by God do you sound so Irish.
Your passport is the most important thing you own. If you can’t find it within 20 seconds, miniature heart attack palpitations start.
You dine more often in McDonald’s and KFC way more than you did back home. Why? Because you know what you’re getting.
You lurk around free WiFi spots way too long.
You realise that people don’t understand Irish mannerisms like ‘giving out’, ‘press’ or ‘spuds’. Sometimes our hilarious sense of humour of slagging is lost on some people.
Why did I over pack all this stuff, I don’t need the half of it but I will hold onto in just in case it comes in handy.
You would be literally lost without Google Maps even if it means walking around with your phone in front of you with a puzzled look on your face, you don’t care sure who knows you as long as it gets you there.
You realise who your real friends are back home. You’ve had friends who said they are really going to miss you and have promised to message you all the time but don’t and seem disinterested in your activities. Boo to that. You also realise the great friends you have back home who do message you and encourage, love and miss you. The ones that send packages the are the best Woo to that.
You learn so much about yourself. How brave you are to up sticks and leave when in some cases being brave was the only choice. You learn that in some way or another things do work out for you when you persist and work hard. You have highs and lows but you learn how to work through them. You learn that life in Perth or Sydney isn’t what it looked like on Google images but you’ve learned how to make it work for you. Whether you decide to stay permanently, move on somewhere else or come back home the first time you went away changes you.

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