5 Steps Toward Becoming a Registered Migration Agent in Australia

1. This step lists the individual tasks before you apply for registration and is basically dealing with you getting familiar with the relevant laws. These are available for download from MARA website and include part 3 of the Migration Act from 1958, Agents Registration Application Charge Act from 1997, Migration Regulations 1998 and Agents Registration Application Charge Regulations 1998.

Another important document worth considering is the Occupational Competency Standards for Immigration Agents that describes how a registered agent should perform the specified activities to the standard as recommended by the existing agents. As far as the requirement for becoming a registered migration agent Sydney, you would either need to be an Australian Legal Practitioner or that you hold the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice.

2. This step entails the actual application for registration. Application form is included in the initial registration application package that can be downloaded from MARA website. This form needs to be filled out entirely to avoid any delays in approval of the application. Application needs to be accompanied with following supporting documents: a proof of your professional indemnity insurance policy, evidence of competency, documents showing your English language knowledge and an Australia Federal Police (AFP) name check document.

Once all 11 pages of the form have been completed, required documents collected it’s time to pay the application fees and lodge the application. It is worth mentioning that the application fee is non refundable and is $1,760 or $160 for commercial or non-commercial purposes respectively.

3. This step requires very little input from the applicant while the Migration Agent Registration Authority is processing your application. Provided that you sent all the required documentation with your application, it typically takes around 8 weeks for your application to be processed. As soon as your application is processed but before it is approved, your name will be listed on MARA website under intended applicants section.

4. After your application is actually approved the MARA office will email you with this news and publish your registration details on their internet site and you will become a registered migration agent. You will then receive a certificate of registration and a copy of code of conduct within 2 weeks of approval.

5. Should your application be refused, MARA office will notify you in writing and you will have the right to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) within 28 days. To make this appeal process easier, relevant forms are available from the website. If this appeal is yet refused, you would have to wait for at least 1 year before applying to become a registered migration agent again.