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A few months ago I wrote a blog looking at the skill select program, noting that with the low number of invitations issued and the high points required for a small group of occupations, applications for points tested subclass 189 visas were very hard to get and confined to a few occupations. 


The low number of invitations is most likely due to the number of subclass 189 visas directed towards NZ citizens who now have a comparatively easy pathway to a permanent visa.  It looks like about 60% of all subclass 189 visa grants will be to NZ citizens.


The results from the last invitation round in February 2018 are now available and the situation has not changed.  Of the only 300 invitations issued, over 80% had a score of 75 points or more.  Again no one on 60 or 65 points received an invitation.  The small number of invitees on 70 points, had waited more than 3 months to get an invitation.


This means that to date only 7 child care centre managers, 6 special education teachers, 9 surgeons, 7 midwives, one panel beater, 4 plumbers and 2 cabinetmakers, had received invitations to apply for a permanent visa so far this financial year.  Those of us with children needing care, leaky taps and failing health, will not be able to rely on the migration program to alleviate the long wait for some of these services.


I find it strange that there has not been some sort of adjustment in the occupation ceilings to deal with the current problem.  A better solution could be occupation ceilings that are adjusted to be a percentage of the total number of invitations, rather than the current fixed number. The fixed number system allows for a very skewed skilled program. I can’t help but be reminded of the famous Douglas Adams’ book – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where a planet decided that they did not need the middlemen and sent all the hairdressers, marketing executives, management consultants,  sales assistants and telephone sanitisers, to another planet.


With so few invitations available, it will be important to not waste an invitation and ensure that the EOI is correct. Please contact our experienced Skilled Migration team if you want advice on your options or if you are looking at lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the near future.