Australia PR Visa Granted though Visas Avenue watch our client experience

Hi! I am Manish. I am really glad to share the experience of getting my Australian PR Visa approval through Visas Avenue Immigration.

I reckon Visas Avenue is one of the best immigration consultancy services in India. I in fact, had bitter experience with the previous consultant and hence, I was a bit circumspect before I walked into Visas Avenue office at New Delhi. However, my Case Manager Erin Verma and rest of the team member there made me really comfortable and explained me the Australian PR process, Visa categories, in demand occupations list and guidelines, etc.

Ms. Erin particularly helped me well throughout the process in terms of applying for the desired visa, filing application, gathering, and attaching documents, and following my application, etc. She kept me updated about all the proceedings of my PR Visa till I got the approval in my hand.

I found every team member at Visas Avenue tremendously supportive and polite, while addressing my concerns and clearing my doubts.

I highly recommend Visas Avenue for Australian PR and will advise all my friends and colleagues to contact Visas Avenue for Visa and immigration consultancy services. Keep up the good work Visas Avenue team. Good luck!

Manish Chopra

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