Australia work and travel – visa, farm work and finding a car (Fernweh and HowTube)

Work and holiday / Work and travel in Australia! If you graduated from high school or if you want to do a gap year, work and holiday in Australia is the best decision you can make! You will meat heaps of backpackers, go to traveller parties on the beach, see amazing landscapes (corals, great barrier reef, the outback, Darwin, national parks) and your future employer will be happy because you gained great experiences abroad. Nothing is better than work and holiday. Doesn’t matter where you end up: eastcoast or westcoast,…you will have a good time.

More detailed video about farmwork:
Top 10 places in Australia:

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APPLICATION FORM – Work and Holiday Visa –
All the information you need for applying! You will find the application form in the links below and also all restriction for the work and holiday visa. Only people from certain countries can apply for the work and travel visa in Australia (find the whole list on the website of the Australian government). You also need to be between 18 and 31 years old and you need to be outside of Australia while applying.

Cost and fees for the Work and Holiday Visa:

How to find a job in Australia?
As a preparation you should get a letter of reference of your old employers, you need an Australian mobile phone number, an Australian bank account (ANZ, Westpac etc.) and a tax file number.


Where to find jobs?

Agencies: Kelly Services

Search for a job (e.g. farm work or catering/gastronomy)

Facebook groups:


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Top Travel Apps:

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YouTube Channel:

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