Australian immigration: all the basic facts and statistics

Some basic data on overseas-born Australians shows they’re healthier, older and better educated than locally-born Australians.

Australian immigration flag

With immigration levels now a regular topic of discussion, what does the hard data tell us about migrants to Australia? We’ve combed through the stats to see how different immigrants are to locally born Australians.

Proportion of Australians born overseas: 26% (2016)

How old are they? Overseas-born Australians have a median age of 44 compared to 34 for locally-born Australians. Australians born in Europe are oldest, with a median age of 59. However, 85% of overseas-born Australians who have arrived since 2000 were between 15 and 64 in 2016, compared to 65.9% of all Australians.