Australian Visa Applications – The Visa Interview

Australian visa application from Philippines? Will the Embassy want to interview you? Is this true, and is this as scary as it sounds?

I think this is what scares visa applicants most of all. At Down Under Visa we get quite a few questions and concerns about this, even after the visa grant is received they will email and ask “So, when do I have to go to the Embassy for my visa interview?” The idea of a scared Filipina having to head to the Australian Embassy in Manila to be grilled by a Case Officer causes many a sleepless night. But are visa interviews mandatory? And if so, do you have anything to worry about?

visa interviews for australian partner visas at the australian embassy in manila can be scary

Will the Australian Embassy interview the visa applicant?

The requirement remains as a possibility, but no it doesn’t happen each and every time like it used to. In years gone by when visa applicants meant standing in a long queue (“falling in line”, as the Filipinos call it) with a folder full of papers, and waiting for your interview. Ancient history, fortunately. No more queues stretching around the block. Electronic lodgments these days, and interviews are rare.

Tourist visas: I’ve never once had an applicant for an Australian tourist visa have to attend an interview at the Embassy. Yes, on occasions, the Case Officer will call the applicant on the phone to clarify something. Of course it’s possible to have a face-to-face interview, but for us it would the first amongst many thousands.

Partner visas: Again, not mandatory. But yes, they do still happen on occasion. I think our last was a few years back now, so maybe 0.2% of applications through Down Under Visa. Occasional questions on the phone, but still less than 1%.

Why are visa applicants interviewed?

The Embassy interview visa applicants if they have unanswered questions. Their job is to ensure that the visa applicant meets the criteria set for that visa subclass in the Migration Regulations. We as your Migration Agents do our very best to show that you do meet those criteria in the clearest way possible. The ideal visa application is where they go through it, tick all the boxes, and have no doubt whatsoever that the applicant deserves a partner visa or prospective marriage visa.

However in some cases we haven’t been able to get all that we want from the client, and sometimes there are just some odd or unusual circumstances surrounding their case. Therefore they will call for an interview. I could list some of those, but we’re obviously not at liberty to discuss details like that.

What’s the lesson in this? If you don’t want to be interviewed, then please follow Down Under Visa’s instructions and don’t hold back with the information and the evidence! Present the strongest and clearest case that you possibly can. Follow our instructions and guidance, and don’t argue when we say we need something more and/or something better from you.