Business Migration to Australia – Eligibility and Prerequisites

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Doing business in today’s world is not easy, where communication plays an integral part for business success. Technological advancements helped endless different ways to connect; however, research shows that despite all these virtual communication means, face to face interaction or direct physical communication is still incomparable and most effective way to communicate.
The more you can communicate directly to your potential clients or business partners in other countries, the odds of business success improves drastically. In order to become a globetrotter for business purpose, you need a very influential passport which will allow access to any country at any time. Australian and New Zealand passports have direct port or visa-free entry facility to more than hundred seventy countries. These passports are top in the world in terms of their value.

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Thus achieving it is not easy, but Business People can attain it by fulfilling some certain criteria.

Firstly: If you have a Business which has turnover of Australian Dollar (AUD) 500,000 and have asset of AUD 800,000 (including your spouse and Businesses), you can apply for Business and Innovation Visa and it will lead to Australian Citizenship and Passport.

Secondly: You can invest AUD 1.5 Million in Business in Australia or put into Treasury bond for four years. You can get Permanent Visa as well and it will lead to Australian Citizenship and Passport.

Thirdly: You can start your own business in Australia and later you can migrate permanently.

All these opportunities are for people who are busy doing own businesses back in their countries. While the spouse of the primary applicant can also take over the Australian business.

Eventually, you are not only getting the Australian Passport, but also enjoying the high quality lifestyle, world’s best medical services, finest education for your children, security, natural wonders, breathtaking places and many other countless features that make Australia the most stunningly perfect place to live.

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