Can I get an Australian tourist visa extension

Can you extend a tourist visa in Australia? Do tourist visa extensions exist? Tourist visa applications are always new visa applications, and need fresh information and evidence.

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Can we apply again in Australia, or do I have to return?

Once upon a time it was common for tourist visas from Philippines to Australia to have a Condition 8503, which means “No Further Stay”. It used to be fairly standard until around 3 years ago when they stopped issuing them to every applicant. Whilst I still warn of the possibility of them, they appear to be ancient history. And with no restriction on further applications, it’s perfectly possible and feasible to apply for a further stay whilst the applicant is inside Australia, with no need to leave the country.

If it were me? Obviously if you wish to continue a blissful period of togetherness, then of course. Why not? And why return to Philippines if you don’t need to? Let us know. Just don’t leave it to the last minute!

Is there such a thing as a tourist visa extension?

No. No there is not. It’s a new visa application.

Clients ask us all the time “Can I get an extension?” or “Can the visa be extended?” No, it’s always a new application.

The other thing is the assumption that it will be easy, because you sent everything before. And the old “Surely they can see……..?” argument. Surely you don’t need to send anything else just like before? Surely they have all the paperwork and documents from the last application?

This is a Government department we are dealing with, PLUS we applied in Manila at the Australian Embassy before, and we will now be applying inside Australia directly to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). They deal with one visa application after another. Do you honestly think they will get on the phone to Manila and say “Quick! Send Maribel Fernandez’s papers to me now! Yes, the ones from 5 months ago!” Hardly!

And yes, we still have some of your visa requirements from last time. And obviously it was all fine before, but the months go on and everything needs updating. So please accept that we will need to do about 90% of the visa application process again.