Five Most Valuable Passports for Visa-Free Travel

Five most valuable passports for visa-free travel might not be as well known as you might expect.

These passports will allow you to travel freely throughout the world, without having to go through the hassle of applying for visas every step of the way.

Andrew is here to talk about the best travel passports on Earth that can bring you closer to the dream of visa-free travel.

Having visa-free access to over 170 countries around the world is a dream come true of every Nomad Capitalist, and that’s exactly what these invaluable travel documents grant you.

Having any one of these five valuable passports will make sure that everywhere you go, you’re treated with respect on the passport control, and what’s surprising is that some of them come from small countries that aren’t that popular.

If you’re looking into getting a second passport and second citizenship, then any of these five passports will do amazingly.

With citizenship of Sweden or the United Kingdom, you can bet that it will be much easier to build a business virtually anywhere in the world.

There’s a list that comes out yearly and ranks passports of the world, but we decided to take a more detailed approach and these are the results:

1:04 #5 Denmark passport
2:04 #4 Luxembourg passport
3:01 #3 United Kingdom passport
3:58 #2 Sweden passport
4:54 #1 Finland passport

The top three passports give you access to 173 countries instantaneously.

However, Finland, the best passport for visa-free travel, has access to more commonly visited countries and requires fewer visas on arrival (VOA).

Finnish passport holders even get limited visa-free access to Vietnam – a country in which most Westerners must fill out forms online and pay $45 to visit if their visa is approved.

As you can see, United States passport doesn’t even make the list of top five most valuable passports.

While the US passport is a good travel document, most EU passports offer far more travel privileges thanks to the borderless Schengen area and their worldwide reputation.

Take a look at our article that has in-depth information about this topic:


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