How much are the fees that apply for obtaining an Australian visa?

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The fees that apply to Australian visa categories and subcategories are varied and depend on the type of visa and on the date you submit the application.
You can estimate the fee that will be charged for your type of visa by using the online price estimator available at the website of the Department of Immigration and Border protection of the Australian Government.
Approximate fees for specific visa categories charged in Australian Dollars (AUD) are:
• $20 AUD for an Electronic Travel Authority
• From $135 to $340 AUD for Visitor Visa Subclass 600
• $365 AUD for a Special Program Visa Subclass 416
• $115 AUD for a Tourist Visa Subclass 676
• $440 for a Working Holiday Visa $440
• From $135 to $550 AUD for a Student Visa
• From $175 to $3,800AUD for a Temporary Work Visa
• From $880 to $3,520 for a Special Migration Visa.
Certain visa categories such as the visas for diplomatic visitors are free of charge.