How to apply for a Visa to come to Australia

How to apply for visa

Decide what type of visa are you going to apply for based on your needs and entitlements.
Check your visa and work entitlements here:

Make sure you understand and meet the requirements
Decide whether you are going to apply by yourself or using an agent service.
Prepare all the documents that are required for your application.
Find information here:
Send the documents and your personal information to your agent or fill an application form by yourself online with the documents attached.
Make sure you make all the payments required and keep all receipts.
After you lodge your visa you must get a confirmation letter from Australian Borders and Security that your application is received and will be processed. Make sure you write a correct email address.
You will also receive an email that you must to do medical check-up. When you receive it, follow the links to make an appointment and to a check-up. You must pay extra fee for that online in advance.
Purchase a private health insurance in Australia for the period you’ll be staying here. You will have to send it to Immigration officer before here able to confirm your visa.
(I’ll make a video about health insurance providers so follow the videos)
Wait for a confirmation email with your visa attached, print it out and have it with you while travelling overseas as you may need to show it in some countries at the airport when you’ll be returning to Australia.
And don’t forget to celebrate!!
I already did videos about each type of visa so find the one that suits you and you will see the links for visa application there.