How to deal with student visa refusal for Australia?

What to do if we get student visa refusal for Australia?

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Don’t get panicked if you get a visa refusal. Understand why you got the refusal ? and what were the documents which lead to the visa refusal. Try to take the help of a professional who is an expert in visa lodgment.

Many times the visas are refused because you have not satisfied the GTE requirement.

What is GTE requirement?
Genuine temporary entrant requirement is some thing which you need to satisfy to get a student visa.

How do they judge this requirement ?

This is judged from your SOP ,
your financial documents ,
The back ground you come from ,
The country you come from ,
the course you choose ,
how this course is use full to you for your career development and
finally is your family in a position to sponsor you this expensive course

You can satisfy all these requirements with proper documentation and choosing a proper course

Many times students tend to choose a course based on the suggestion they get from there friends who are already studying in Australia which is damaging . Always choose a course which is of your interest and which is in tune with your previous education.

The other reason which you need to satisfy is genuine student criteria.

How to satisfy this criteria is through a proper SOP which is properly projecting all your past and present circumstances with out frauding the immigration. Immigration always encourages genuine declarations and most of the time give you the visa . Only if you try to hide things ,they will refuse your visa.

For getting admission you can use a educational agent , but to apply for a visa you need a registered migration agent who is an expert in advising you in a proper direction in applying your visa.

You can apply any number time for a student visa even if you get number of student visa refusals.