How to ensure an Australian visa refusal

What to know how to get your Australian visa application refused? Want to ruin your day? Or would you prefer to learn what NOT to do, so you can avoid a visa refusal and shattered dreams?

Getting a professional Registered Migration Agent like Down Under Visa to manage your visa application should be a comparatively smooth process if you choose to use an expert and if you follow expert advice. But trying to save money and not wanting to listen to guidance especially when it comes to proper visa requirements, this is a great way of seeing an Australian partner visa application or Australian tourist visa application refused.

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Down Under Visa are the Manila Philippines experts in Australian partner visas from Philippines to Australia. Partner visas aka spouse visas, spousal visas and de facto visas. Also prospective marriage visas aka fiancee visas or fiance visas).

Visa applications lodged electronically through either the Australian Embassy in Manila or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Australia. You and your Filipina lady are in very safe hands with Jeff Harvie and the team.