Making an Australian Visa Application Easier

Like and easy and speedy tourist visa or partner visa application from Philippines to Australia? Can this be done?

Down Under Visa, as Registered Migration Agents in Manila who specialize in Australian visas for Australian Filipina couples, yes we get a lot of people wanting a nice and easy visa application where they don’t need to do very much. Why do they have to prove that the applicant is genuine, or that they are in a genuine and committed relationship? Why so much paperwork? Well, we are here to tell you that it is not an easy process, and that if you want the visa application to be successful and to end in a visa grant, you need to accept that you need to do some hard work and to follow the advice of the experts and the visa specialists that they have engaged to manage their Australian visa application in the first place. Everything you are told, whether it’s personal details or visa requirements, is required by the Australian Embassy and the DIBP.

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Down Under Visa are the experts in Manila with partner visas from Philippines to Australia. They manage Partner visas (spouse visas, de facto visas) and prospective marriage visas (fiancee visas, fiance visas).

Visa applications electronically lodged at the Australian Embassy in Manila or Department office in Australia. You and your lady from the Philippines are in very safe hands with Jeff Harvie and the team.