Partner Visa For Australia – How to prove your relationship

Partner Visa For Australia – How to prove your relationship – visit to learn more.

Partner visas for Australia can now cost up to $7,000 to apply and may take as long as 12-15 months to process.

The biggest hurdle for most couples is the crux of the partner visa application: demonstrating that you are in an exclusive, genuine and on-going relationship. Not only that, the Department wants to take a deep-dive into your personal lives to extract the most intimate of details in order to decide if you’re ‘de-facto partners’ or ‘spouses’.

In examining your relationship, the Department will require that you satisfy 4 aspects:
1. Financial
2. Social
3. Nature of the household; and
4. Commitment to each other

But what do these really mean? And worse yet, how do you dissect your relationship and package them up into those handy neat labels?

Well for starters, financial means that the Department wants to see you mixing your money with your partner. If you are in a relationship and you want to move to Australia permanently to be with your partner, then you would have at least started to pool your money together. You can either have loans together or share expenses.

Social factors for an Australian partner visa involve demonstrating to the world that you are a couple. The Department wants to see that you’re ‘partners’ in the eyes of everyone who knows you.

Nature of the household means precisely that. They want to know the minute intricacies of your life together and what you do together when you live together.

As for commitment to each other, this is a difficult one to show because it’s so intangible. But what they want is to see you describing your feelings for each other and what the future holds.

After all of this, the big question still remains: how to prove your relationship for an Australian partner visa?

Well look no further because I’ve written the ultimate guide to Australian partner visas and I will hold your hand to walk you through proving your relationship.

The principle form of demonstrating your love is in the personal written statement which can either be written free-form in a word document or in a statutory declaration. Form 888 can also be used by family and friends to support your partner visa application.
Partner Visa For Australia – How to prove your relationship

In the guide, I’ll take you through each and every one of the above aspects of the relationship and give you good and bad examples of how to prove them. I’ve also included sample statutory declarations that you can see as examples and included are completed sample partner visa applications – for both the sponsor and the applicant.

I wrote this book because of my personal experience and because I had a friend struggling to get through the process. With visa application fees skyrocketing to almost $7,000, most migration agents and immigration lawyers are out of reach for a lot of people.

Don’t risk going it alone. Get help. Get the guide.

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Partner Visa For Australia – How to prove your relationship
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Australian Partner Visa-how to apply for an Australian partner visa

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