Philippines Tourist Visa Extension and My 13a Visa Journey Begins

My Philippines tourist visa extension and my 13a visa journey begins. A quick update on my trip to Philippines Bureau of Immigration for my first two month extension since my visa run to Kuala Lumpur. I also had to pay for a new ACR-I card, total this trip came to php 5850, I chose not to pay the express lane fee and saved 1000 pesos, I’ll have to wait a week to pick up my passport but I’m not going anywhere. I was able to get some additional info on applying for my 13a Permanent Resident Visa. This is new to me and I’m learning as I go, any helpful advice from those of you that have been through this would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be posting updates as we go through the process.

Here is a sample joint letter to the commissioner, fill in the name of current commissioner and address and all of your personal info.

Bureau of Immigration 
Intramuros, Manila


May I respectfully request a non-quota immigrant visa under Section 13, paragraph A of the Philippine Immigration 
Act as amended, in favour of my foreign spouse, ________________ ,  a _______________________________national. I am ____________________________________, a Philippine citizen. We were married in _______________ on _______________
I am enclosing here copy of the following documents to prove my above-cited information: 

1. My NSO-issued Birth Certificate 
2. Our NSO-issued Marriage Contract / Philippine Consulate-authenticated copy of our Marriage Contract / 
Marriage Certificate / Family Register 
3. Photocopy of the pertinent pages of his passport: 
a) bio-page 
b) page/s showing: 
1. his immigration admission and its extension/s and 
2. Bureau of Quarantine Clearance

Very truly yours, 
Petitioner/Filipino Spouse