PR to Australian Citizenship(AC)

Like PR for Permanent Residence, I call it AC, the Australian Citizenship, the ultimate thing for an Immigrant. Remember, there’s nothing more Australian than being a migrant as this beautiful country, Australia is an Immigration Nation.


Three steps in AC like three steps in SkillSelect.
1. An application like the Skills Assessment
1(a)General Residence Requirement – Section 22- AC act 2007 – Use residence calculator.
1(b) Documents – Identity declaration – Form 1195 –
is an Australian citizen, and
•has known you for at least one year, and
•is currently working in a profession or occupation listed on pages 1 and 2, and
•is not related to you by birth, marriage or de facto relationship, and
•is easy to contact by telephone during normal working hours.

2. An appointment
2(a) Citizenship Test
2(b) Documents – Birth Certificate and other ID(s). For Indians who do not have it, you could take your 10 class certificate.

3. Ceremony – Invitation
3(a) – Pledge – Citizenship Certificate.
3(b) – Voter registration with Australian Election Commission.
3(c) – Passport application – Post Office will do it. Australia has dual citizenship.

It is worth paying for a Registered Migration Agent in the light of recent developments in Australia where the Immigration department has lost its sense of humour and taking everything seriously and when Character and Immigration history has become so critical for the benefit of the Australian community.

The content in this video is general in nature and not to be taken as Immigration Advice.

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