Prepare for your arrival — from Sydney airport to the city and UTS

Get ready to arrive at Sydney airport — watch this animated video! Become familiar with Australia’s strict custom and quarantine laws, and get tips on how to travel from the airport into the city of Sydney and UTS.

More information on how to get ready for your arrival can be found here:

This video was produced by Marieka Walsh, a former Master of Media Arts and Production student at UTS. Music is Fireworks Girlfriend, composed by Bojanic / Hooper / Page / Marr; and published by The Extreme Music Library Ltd (PRS)

The information in this video was correct and current at the time of publication. It is provided in good faith as a guide and resource for new students. UTS accepts no responsibility for any error or omission, as information contained in this guide is subject to change from time to time. You are advised to check the accuracy of the information with the relevant organisations before acting upon the information. A useful website to start is here