Regional Queensland? Yes please! | AMVL Migrations


Following a recent SHEV visa grant to one of our clients, it got us thinking about other visas such as the 489 and RSMS that require applicants to live and work in regional areas. So, what it is it like to live outside the big cities. What should you expect?


For the majority of my life, I have lived in rural Queensland – from Longreach, to Tully and south to Rockhampton. When people ask where my favourite place was to live, I always remember my time living in Bundaberg.


There’s something distinct about Bundaberg, something that’s just right about it. There are more round-a-bouts then there are traffic lights and everywhere you turn, there’s another friendly person having a chat to their neighbour. Driving into Bundaberg, there are hundreds of farms on either side of the road growing everything from strawberries to potatoes. There are thousands of macadamia trees bulging with delicious macadamias and cane sugar bushes as far as the eye can see. 


However, living in a regional town does not mean you are isolated from the rest of the world. In fact, I found that living in a regional town can offer the perfect work-life balance. You can get to work in 5 minutes flat without the typical city traffic and you can even park your car without having to pay! Then on the weekend, you can relax by the beach that’s just 15 minutes away and enjoy some homemade gelato from the beach side cafe. But if you do find yourself longing for that city life, Brisbane is just a short 4 hour drive away and you can stop in at some famous coffee shops along the way.

Regional towns are often known for their significant agricultural input. Rockhampton is known as the beef capital of Australia and Bundaberg is known for its high production of cane sugar which is a key ingredient in most of the foods we consume every day. With these areas growing significantly in the past few years, the job prospects in these towns are very positive.


When it comes to things to do in regional towns, the opportunities are endless. If you’re close to Bundaberg in the summer, you could go to Mon Repos to watch turtles hatch in the middle of the night. Or perhaps if you are in Rockhampton you could take a day trip over to Keppel Island or tour the historic Capricorn Caves. If you are looking at studying whilst working in these beautiful towns, Central Queensland University (CQU) offers a wide range of degrees which you can also study externally (meaning you do not have to attend regular classes).


So if you are considering applying for a visa that requires you to live in a regional area, or if you need to settle regionally, take my word for it, regional Queensland has so much to offer. If you’re still considering whether this is an option for you, maybe take a trip and see for yourself, I know you will fall in love, just as I have.


If you would like more information about living in towns such as Bundaberg or Rockhampton, take a look at these websites: