Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 | Eligibility & Requirements

Skilled independent visa is most popular visa for those who doesn’t have any sponsorship from state, employer, territory and family. It is totally based on your skills, experience, age and profile score. It is points based system same as express entry for Canada. Subclass visa 189 allows you to work anywhere in Australia, Applicant do not need job offer, sponsorships.

You have to submit EOI expression of interest to The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). DIAC will assess your ability, if you are considered to be suitable DIAC will invite you to apply for visa.

When you submit your application, DIAC will assess you using the Australian point’s assessment system. You must score at least 60 points to be successful.

Points are based on following.
• Age. If you are aged 18-24 you will score 25 points. At 40-44, this drops to 15 points
• English language ability. You will score 20 points for superior and 10 for proficient English
• Overseas employment. Between 5 and 15 points
• Employment in Australia. Between 5 and 20 points
• ‘Professional year’ If you have completed one year’s work in your chosen skilled occupation in Australia in the four years before you apply, you will gain 5 points
• You will score 20 points for a doctorate from an Australian educational institution. You will get 15 points for a bachelor’s degree and 20 points for a trade qualification
• You will receive 5 points for Australian study
• You will receive 5 points for living and studying in Regional Australia.

Eligibility for Subclass Visa 189
• Be under 45 years old.
• Be skilled in an occupation which is on the Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This is a list of occupations in which Australia has a shortage of trained or qualified workers. It includes many types of engineers, medical workers, accountants, lawyers as well as many trades.
• Have your skills assessed by the Australian Assessing Authority for your occupation.
• Be able to use English at least to a ‘competent’ level
• Be in passable health. You may be required to undergo a medical examination, you will be required to take a medical test including a chest x-ray and an HIV test.
• Meet the Australian government’s good character requirements
• You may also need to register with the professional or trade organization for your occupation in the state or territory where you intend to live.

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