SkillSelect Update

We are one month in to the 2018/19 Migration Program, and the results for the first invitation round have just been released. As previously announced, there will be only one invitation per month, taking place on the 11th of each month.
The 11 July invitation round saw 1000 invitations issued for SC189, and a further 10 issued for SC489 (Family Sponsored). For the SC189 visas, this is a monthly increase of 400 invitations (previously a monthly total of 600 invitations in June 2018). However, the SC489 invitations remain unchanged at just 10 issued. It is not yet clear if this will be the trend for the following months.
Although the Department increased the pass mark to 65 points in July, only applicants on 70 points or more received invitations. It seems that the competition for Accountants is only getting tougher, as only applicants sitting on 85 points or more received an invitation (up 5 points since the last invitation round).
The occupation ceilings have also just been released for the new financial year, and the figures are a mirror image of the previous financial year. This is not so surprising, seeing as the planning levels remained unchanged also.
This has been an interesting start to the 2018/19 Migration Program. One thing we do know is that if you’re going to submit an EOI, you should be aiming to have at least 70 points for less in-demand occupations, and very high points for popular occupations such as Electronics Engineer, ICT business and systems Analysts and of course Accountants.
It’s also very important to get your EOI right the first time.
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