Student’s spouse visa information Australia

All subsequent entrant applicants for a student visa must have sufficient funds or support to cover costs and expenses for themselves and each family member of the primary student applicant for the duration of the intended stay in Australia. The funds must be accessible and be available to financially support the applicants in Australia.

Instructions are available on the department’s website to assist you to determine the evidentiary requirements applicable to you, see:

To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, please ensure the documents mentioned below are included with your application.

Please provide evidence of:

Overseas Student Health CoverAll the courses completed by your nominator in AustraliaYour nominator’s current enrolment in AustraliaYour nominator’s current attendance recordNotarised copy of all the pages of the passport of the applicantEvidence of a genuine and ongoing relationship between the nominator and the applicantDivorce certificate if previously married and divorced

In case of minor applicants, provide evidence of:

Schooling arrangement and confirmation of enrolment in a school for the accompanying minorForm 1229 signed by both parents along with identity documents to verify signatures

Before lodging your application, you should take advantage of our My Health Declarations facility to arrange your own medicals because the department prioritises complete applications where the applicant has also cleared Australia’s health requirements**


** Please note that a health clearance does not guarantee that the application will be granted. A visa grant will be subject to all visa criteria being met.