Top 10 Ways To Immigrate Australia | How To Migrate Australia

Top 10 Ways to Immigrate Australia

1. Skilled independent visa (subclass 189) – Skilled independent visa is most popular visa for those who doesn’t have any sponsorship from state, employer, territory and family. It is totally based on your skills, experience, age and profile score. It is points based system same as express entry for Canada.

2. Employer nomination scheme (subclass 186) – Subclass 186 visa is for employers who want to recruit foreign skilled workers, to fill out the slot for permanent basis. Application should have valid occupation, you can check your occupation in SOL list. Employer should pay $49,000 annual salary to employee. Once you get your citizenship you can sponsor people, study there and work anywhere you want in Australia.

3. State sponsored visa (subclass 190) — it is state or territory nominated visa based on points system. Subclass visa 190 allows you to live and work in Australia as a permanent citizen. To apply for this visa you will need to submit (EOI) expression on interest to skill select online immigration system of Australia. Minimum 60 points you will need to score out of 100. If you select from the pool you will receive ITA (Invitation to apply). You will have 60 days to apply for subclass 190 visa and you will have your Australian PR.

4. Business talent visa (subclass 132) – Subclass visa 132 for business man, young entrepreneurs who want to develop or establish business or startups in Australia. The minimum assets or fund should be AUD 1.5 Million. Once you get your business setup there than you can hire more foreign workers.

5. Partner visa (subclass 820/801) – partner visa issue to those who has their partner in Australia, I mean he/she should be Australian citizen or permanent resident. Partner visa is a temporary visa, but its first step towards your permanent residency in Australia.

6. Partner visa (subclass 309/100) – partner or spouse visa for those whose partner is an Australian citizen. Subclass 309 or 100 visa allows you to stay, work and live with partner in Australia. Now what is subclass 309 or 100 visa? First when you apply for partner visa (subclass visa 309), that is temporary visa to reach out Australia , once you decided to stay in Australia than you will need to get subclass 100 visa, (Permanent visa).

7. Refugee visa (subclass 200) – Refugee visa issued to those applicants who are persecuted in home country. If we talk about Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia etc. those people can apply for refugee visa. This visa may apply on J& K people, POK, and people too. There is no fee for application but you will need to show the proof that you are facing problems in your country.

8. Investor Visa (subclass 891) – Investor visa for those individuals who want to invest in Australia, they can immigrate with their partners to Australia. There are few requirement for obtaining investor visa, you should have 2 years of residency in Australia. You should have provisional investor visa Subclass 162 also you will be investing AUD 15, 00000 in Australia.

9. Business owner visa (subclass 891) – this is permanent residency visa who own a new or existing business in Australia. You should have lived 12 months in Australia, or you should be holding one of subclass visa (160,161,162,163,164,165). These all are provisional investor category visa. Your net worth should be minimum AUD 100,000.

10. Skilled regional visa (subclass 887) – This visa for individuals who have live for 2 years and worked for minimum 1 year in specified region like low population growth areas or territory (like New South wales, South and western Australia). You must be holder of any one of subclass (Visa 489,495,496,475,487) and lived for two years.

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