Visa For Bali! What’s The Best Bali, Indonesia Visa? (Staying Long Term)

A Visa For Bali, Indonesia: How To Stay Up To 6 Months

Today’s answer is on the second most asked-about topic on which I get questions from readers:*

“Is it difficult to get a visa for Bali for six months or so, to stay longer than a tourist would in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia?”

I also cover this question and explain the social visa/Sosial Budaya visa in detail in the following article on

This was Day 3 of a fun little seven-day Wage Freedom Video Challenge I did: Seven days, seven questions, seven answers.

If you have an questions about living in Bali or SE Asia as an expat just ask in the comments below. My wife and I have had a base in Bali since 2005 and I might be able to help you.

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And by the way, not to push it too hard, but here’s the link to my book How To Live In Bali (2017 ed.), for more detail on how to live in Bali than I can give in a video series.

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*The most-asked question? “How can I support myself in Bali?”