AMVL Migrations – Brisbane Migration Agency


Working as a Registered Migration Agent is not an easy job.  Every case is different and the migration legislation and policy are constantly changing.  We also take the responsibility of everyone’s application very seriously as we feel that we need to do the best we can to ensure the hopes and dreams of our clients are realised.


Despite this we all love what we do and it is the joy that we have when we tell the clients that they have a visa, that makes it all so worthwhile.  Sometimes however the joy is even greater, such as for a recent client who we will call Nathan.


Nathan was preparing to lodge a skilled subclass 190 visa but was about to turn 45.  On his birthday he would lose 15 points and would not meet the criteria for a visa.  He had to get a certain level on his English test and it took a bit longer than he wanted, to get this.  When we finally applied to the relevant state government, there were only a few weeks to go to his birthday.


The state government advised that there was no fast track or priority and that the wait for an assessment was 8 weeks.  We explained the situation and said we would be very grateful if it could be looked at sooner – there were no promises but the wonderful state government people did look at it sooner and Nathan got the invitation to apply for a visa the day before he turned 45.


There were tears all around as well as a bit of dancing in the office.