Behind the Scenes of NZ Customs (Mind-Blowing Finding!)

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Reporter Lachlan Forsyth spent a day on the frontline to see what’s being smuggled and how.

Chief customs officer Micheal Maich can name them all. “Methamphetamine, cocaine, weapons, objectionable material – you name it, it comes through here,” says Mr Maich.

In Customs’ International Mail Centre every piece of mail coming into New Zealand passes through security.

“The teams working here are looking for a multitude of items ranging from drugs, intellectually property goods, weapons, cigarettes, revenue that’s not declared, revenue that is declared,” say Mr Maich. “Around a million items are processed every week.”

Everything is checked manually, and manual means officers quickly and methodically scanning each item, looking for anything suspicious.

More than 84,000 prohibited items were intercepted last year, but because the smugglers’ attempts never stop, this is a game that never ends.

Source: 3News

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