Brisbane by Bea: an adventure | AMVL Migrations


With the arrival of relatives from overseas, I also found myself embarking on the same adventure – revisiting the many great places within the ‘Sunshine State’. I have come to appreciate Queensland’s natural beauty once again. During their stay, we were able to embark on a great experience that was one of its kind— certainly one to remember.


Brisbane is a lively river town with so much to offer. With easy access to transport, such as buses and trains, getting to places was never a hassle. A trip to Brisbane CBD was not only a bus ride away but a cultural district filled with many leisurely experiences. Southbank offers a relaxed and chilled atmosphere from a man-made beach and fun-filled playgrounds, scrumptious food and live entertainment. Taking a leisurely stroll around Southbank took us through different scenes along the riverside. It was also great to visit places like the Queensland Museum, Brisbane City Hall and the Gallery of Modern Art.


A simple day in showed them that there are still many things to do even if you’re just at home. The weather that day was just right with just the right amount of sun was a great opportunity to play in the park or even a swim at the nearest aquatic centre. Even the little things like the weather and the relaxed atmosphere were appreciated during their stay here as well as the great people.


Only an hours drive away from Brisbane, our lovely neighbour, the Gold Coast also impressed our visitors by the GC one of a kind charm and the breath-taking views. As an Australian citizen living in Brisbane for over five years now, travelling to the Gold Coast for the day – or even staying for a week always feels like a getaway. A stroll along the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast saw a beautiful view of the ocean.


Being an Australian citizen and hearing their many fascinating remarks of how great it is to be in Australia is a good feeling. Exploring Australia, especially our Sunshine State, once again helped me see how thankful and grateful I am to be living in such a great place. I hope that they do visit again as there is still so much more to discover.