Costs of ‘Big Australia’ mount

By Leith van Onselen

If you want a prime example of the hidden costs of Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy, look no further than Sydney’s M4 – the 46-kilometre-long dual carriage motorway in western Sydney.

After been fully paid-off in 2010, tolls were reinstated on the M4 from August 2017 in order to help fund Sydney’s highly controversial $17 billion-plus WestConnex toll road and tunnel, with tolls to rise by 4% a year for the next 43 years!

On Friday, The ABC reported that drivers have been turned away from the M4 since tolls have been reinstated, instead packing into alternative routes like the already congested Parramatta Road:

Almost one year since the New South Wales Government re-introduced a toll on the M4 motorway, drivers are turning off in droves to avoid paying the charge between Parramatta and Homebush.

New figures reveal that since the toll was reintroduced there are on average 42,000 fewer vehicles using the motorway each day.
The decline could cost the NSW Government up to $70 million in missed revenue annually.

Many motorists are exiting the M4 at Church St and either driving back roads or ‘rat runs’ or opting to take the toll-free Parramatta road.

The ABC spoke to dozens of motorists at the congested Church street exit of the M4 on Thursday morning, who all refused to take the toll route.

“I reckon it sucks, I mean we pay a petrol tax and they still want to charge tolls and they keep going up and up,” Martin, a truck driver, said.

Another couple who travel from Penrith into the city twice a week also avoid the tolls because it was simply too expensive…

Shadow transport minister Jodi McKay said these figures showed that the Government was not listening to the people of western Sydney…

Ms McKay said the figures showed that people living in western Sydney were not using the road “because they simply can’t afford it”…

If you think it’s bad now, then imagine how hideous liveability will get if Sydney meets its projections to sardine pack another 1.74 million people into the city over the next 20-years, three-quarters of which will come from net overseas migration:

With Western Sydney localities like Parramatta projected to be the prime dumping grounds:

Residents in Melbourne, too, are suffering the ill-effects from the ‘Big Australia’ policy, with The Age reporting that inner-city parks will be cast into shadow by adjacent high-rise development to accommodate the booming migrant populations:

 A number of popular inner-Melbourne parks could be cast into shadow by high-rise development…

Princes Park’s northern edge is under immediate threat… And another 13 parks including Fitzroy Gardens, Yarra Park, University Square and Gardiner Reserve are also at risk of falling into further shadow…

And as inner Melbourne’s population booms, a flurry of tall apartment tower proposals in prime locations – such as the Brunswick plan – has led the city council to act on getting better guarantees for sunlight…

Councillor Nicholas Reece chairs the council’s planning portfolio. He said that, with more people living in higher density homes, more relied on parks for recreation and relaxation.

The sad reality is that incumbent Australians are being forced to sacrifice their quality of life in order to make room for an endless influx of migrants, brought in purely to feed the ‘growth lobby’ of property industry rentiers, banks, retailers, and other big businesses.

These sacrifices in residents’ living standards were made explicitly clear by Infrastructure Australia’s recent report, which showed that under every development scenario, both Sydney and Melbourne will experience worsening traffic congestion, as well as reduced access to jobs, schools, hospital and green space as their populations balloon to 7.4 million and 7.3 million respectively by 2046:


  We are already witnessing the results of this madness, with traffic congesting increasing inexorably over the past decade:

The sad reality is that all levels of government are wilfully ignoring the wishes of the Australian people in favour of their ‘growth lobby’ backers. Recent opinion polls from the Australian Population Research Institute (54% want lower immigration), Newspoll (56% want lower immigration), and Essential (54% believe Australia’s population is growing too fast and 64% believe immigration is too high) all show overwhelming support for lower levels of immigration.

Australia needs a revolution.

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