Queensland Multicultural Month – Celebrating Our Diversity | AMVL Migrations

Australia has one of the most diverse cultures in the world, with people migrating here from more than 200 countries. If you take a stroll down Queen Street Mall here in sunny Brisbane, the cultural diversity is obvious. From various forms of art, to the food you can find on offer, there’s no doubt that multiculturalism is flourishing in Queensland.


This month, we are celebrating Queensland Multicultural Month. This is an annual event where people from various cultures can come together to enjoy different events that promotes the diverse cultures that make up the state we have become. Each week in August has a theme and events in that week coincide with that theme.

  • Week 1 (1st – 6th August) – Sport, recreation and the arts

  • Week 2 (7th – 13th August) Digital diversity

  • Week 3 (14th – 20th August) Success through diversity

  • Week 4 (21st – 27th August) Multicultural education


One of the events that you can head along to is the Technicolour Multicultural Festival which is taking place on Saturday, August 26 in Newmarket (Brisbane). This festival has everything for a fun family day out. From international food stalls to live cultural dances and even a petting zoo, this festival is bursting at the seams with culture. The Technicolour Multicultural Festival is free, so make sure you head along to see what all the fuss is about!


Multiculturalism is part of what makes Australia a truly wonderful place to live. Australians love to embrace all forms of culture, whether it is food, art, technology, traditions or dance. So get out there and enjoy anything and everything Australia has to offer, especially during Queensland’s Multicultural Month!


If you would like to see what other events are on near you, check out the Events Calendar on the Queensland Multicultural Month website HERE