Strewth! Must Have Australianisms for This Citizenship Day | AMVL Migrations


Each year, Citizenship day is celebrated on the 17th of September. It is an event that recognises the significance of being an Australian Citizen.


On this day, people can come together to appreciate Australia and its people in general by hosting an event such as a barbeque (barbie).


In recognition of this day, and to prepare our future citizens of this event, staff at AMVL have made a simple list of some more commonly-used Australianisms (or slang) that every Australian and future Australian should know. 


  • Bloke: a name used for a male (“He’s a good bloke”)

  • Brekkie: (Short for breakfast)

  • Brisvegas: (Another name for Brisbane)

  • Bonzer: used to say that something is great or fantastic.

  • Esky: an insulated box that keeps food cold for a while.

  • G’Day: Used to greet someone (short for Good Day)

  • Larrikin: A person who is always having a laugh

  • Maccas: Australia’s way of saying McDonalds

  • Servo: short for service station

  • Sheila: another word for a female

  • Snag: another word for a sausage

  • Ugg Boots: These are a kind of a mix between boots and slippers. They usually have a sheepskin exterior and are lined with sheep fleece. Very comfortable and warm.

  • Tucker: another word for food

  • Plugger: Also known as a thong or flip flop, it is a rubber piece of footwear

  • Yakka: another word for work

  • Woop Woop: a place that is isolated or far away


There are also a few sayings that may be quite useful:

  • Mad as a cut snake: A person who is quite angry or upset

  • Fair Dinkum: Something is genuine

  • Holy Dooley: Used when one is surprised

  • Mate’s Rates: When you know a friend working at a store and they give you a discount

  • She’ll be right: Like saying everything will be ok

  • Beat around the bush: To be indirect about something


So there you have it! You are now well equipped to handle any Aussie slang that’s thrown your way!