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It’s that time of the year again; exam block is here and there is a lot of stress at university and college campuses around Australia. 


And if you are an international student about to finish your qualification, there is the added worry of what to do about your visa.


In an earlier blog, we talked about the 485 Graduate Visa and gave some advice on what to prepare early in order to minimise stress, including sitting your English test, organising police clearances, and ensuring your passport has sufficient validity. There are some great tips; check it out below!


Another pathway you may wish to consider is sponsorship from an Australian State or Territory Government. Many States have specific occupation lists for graduates who have studied for at least 2 years in that State, including:



There are special occupation lists for Masters and PhD graduates from Queensland universities. Other graduates may wish to consider obtaining a 485 Graduate visa and finding employment in their nominated occupation as this allows them to access the Working in Queensland list.


South Australia

International graduates of South Australia can access a larger list of occupations as well as waivers on work experience, English, and financial capacity.


Western Australia

WA has a separate and much larger occupation list for international students, with more occupations available for Masters and PhD graduates.



Certain occupations in the Health and Science fields are available for graduates with Bachelor and Masters degrees. PhD students can access any occupation currently listed as eligible for a Subclass 190 visa.



The Graduate pathway for Tasmanian state nomination has two sets of criteria depending on when the student enrolled. Applicants who enrolled in a Tasmanian tertiary institution prior to 31 July 2017 only need to have studied for 1 year and completed a minimum Certificate III qualification for a skilled occupation in Major Group 3 in ANZSCO.


Northern Territory

Students who have completed at least 2 years of study in the Northern Territory can be considered for the Subclass 190 or Subclass 489 visas and may be exempt from certain requirements as they are already living there. NT is also generous in considering sponsorship for graduates who did not complete their studies in the Territory, but who have lived in the NT and worked in their nominated occupation for at least 6 months


Australian Capital Territory

The ACT offers streamlined nomination for holders of a PhD completed at an ACT university, with a simplified application process, minimal supporting documentation, priority processing and no service fee. There are also options for other graduates of ACT institutions who have lived in the state for at least 12 months. ACT’s program will reopen on 29 November 2018 and always fills up quickly.



As the Subclass 190 and 489 State Sponsored visas are becoming more popular, it is very important to ensure you submit a strong EOI and nomination application to secure an invitation from your chosen State or Territory. Our Agents can work with you to identify the best pathway for you to work towards your goal of permanent residency; please contact us for assistance.