The best thing about going away is coming back home | AMVL Migrations

I recently travelled across the Pacific Ocean to the United States of America for a study tour with my university. We travelled to Seattle, Minneapolis and then I ventured off to Wisconsin afterwards. It was certainly a trip to remember, for more reasons than one! The United States is a magnificent country, with picturesque landscapes, historical walkways and quite an interesting obsession with dogs – not to mention the snow! It was truly unlike anything I have ever seen – especially since snow is non-existent in Queensland.


The difference between Australia and the United States is subtle at first; until you try to walk on the left-hand side of the pathway, attempt to find a coffee that somewhat compares to the ones back home, or try to ‘tap and go’ with your credit card.


Whilst in the States my team and I attempted to fit in as much as possible. Every day for three weeks we were visiting another place, seeing another landmark, and trying more food. I think we tried just about everything – from dog sledding and sleigh riding in a tiny country town called Duluth, to heading right to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. We even spotted some wolves and bears in the zoo (definitely a highlight). Of course, the most American thing we did was watch the Super Bowl in a pub in Seattle (now THAT was an experience).


All in all though, nothing is ever quite like home!  Which is why I am so glad I can walk on the left again, go to Bunnings for my Sunday sausage sizzle, buy a fresh loaf of non-weirdly-sweet bread, and of course, get a proper cup of coffee! Australia, I love you and you will always be home.