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Applying for an Australia Partner Visa is an extensive as well as the informational process. You not just have to submit numerous application forms, but the application form must also be supported with correct evidence and documents supporting your relationship.

One of the vital evidence that you are required to submit with your Partner visa application form is the ‘statement of your relationship.’ Also known as ‘Relationship Statement’ or ‘Relationship Support letter,’ this is a unique document. The relationship statement for every couple is different depending on nature and length of the relationship. Hence, when you are filling the relationship statement form, make sure you don’t make any mistake.

Reading this article will let you know 10 most important elements to consider when filling out your relationship statement for partner visa application.

Understanding Meaning of Partner Visa Relationship Statement

Every relationship is unique, and its uniqueness is defined to the visa officers through partner visa relationship statement. You as well as your partner have to provide a separate personal written statement to support partner visa application form.

The statement of relationship is a personal statement that details the nature and uniqueness of your relationship in your own words. It is vital that this statement is written precisely and matches correctly to your visa application forms. The statement must also support other evidence offered with your partner visa application.

Most Important Elements to Consider when Filling Partner Visa Relation Statement

  1. When, where, and how did you meet your partner?

This is an important starting point for any relationship. Mentioning these points clearly explains how, when, and where your relationship began. When writing, remember that the reader does not know anything about your relationship. Make sure you make the relationship statement as simple as possible to understand.

Be honest and open with your writing. If you don’t remember the correct date for a particular situation, then avoid mentioning the date in the document. Remember if the department takes you and your partner to an interview and one of you does not remember the date then your visa application can be refused.

  1. How Your Relationship Developed?

From the first day you met your partner till the present day, you need to give a brief idea to the officer of how your relationship developed so strong and positive. The aspects and situations you mention must be genuine and must validate your explanations in the letter. You don’t have to write stories. Hence, everything you mention must be realistic and true.

  1. Important or Special Events in Your Relationship

Have there been any important events that had occurred in your relationship? Were there any special situations or events where you both supported each other strongly? You may consider these and other conditions as being significant in your relationship. It is vital to remember that when the visa department assesses your partner visa, they are also interested to know that you and your partner support each other in good as well as bad times.

  1. Illustrating your Household Nature

This can be really tricky! You need to illustrate your household criteria with your partner in the form of evidence. Letting the department understand how both of you run the household can be extremely helpful in your partner visa application.

You can describe factors such as how both of you carry household duties, take turns to cook meals, do grocery shopping, take kids to school, and how you take care of each other.

  1. Does your friends and family know about your relationship?

If you and your partner are in a genuine, honest, and open relationship then your family and friends must be aware of it.

The department considers a relationship genuine and honest if your family and friends are aware of it. The genuineness of your relationship becomes more authentic when your family and friends have contributed to special events in your relationship.

It is worth mentioning such aspects in the relationship statement and makes the statement more honest to the department officers.

  1. Financial Aspects of your Relationship

The visa department considers financial aspects to be important elements in illustrating a genuine relationship for the partner visa application form.

You must mention how you support each other financially. Mention about your joint bank account and how each one of you contributes to this. Talk about the joint purchases, utility bills, and other financial aspects of your relationship.

Don’t mention anything that is incorrect or false. If you don’t have a bank account with your partner, then no need to mention anything incorrectly. Even the department understands that not every couple has a joint account. If you have joint travels, you must talk about the same.

  1. Were you separated during the relationship?

Being separated does not imply that your partner is living overseas and you are living in Australia. Rather it talks about any point that you were separate during the relationship.

You must be working in a profession that needs you to travel all the time or travelling with your family or friends without the partner. Inform the department how you two were in touch during this duration.

You might not find it worth mentioning in the application, but it is actually extremely important. It justifies your relationship to a great extent and demonstrates the genuineness of the relationship.

  1. Discuss your future plans

Talk about your future plans in the application statement. Are you planning to get married? Are you planning to have kids? Do you wish to purchase a house together? Do you wish to travel abroad together?

Mentioning these and more plans like this show that you are planning a promising future with your partner. This can be a big plus point for getting approval for your partner visa program.

  1. Dates are Highly Important

Not all dates, but the date when you both met, you first started talking; you got married or engaged are extremely vital to the partner visa application form.

Make sure the two of you mention consistent dates in the relationship statement and other evidence documents submitted by you.

  1. Length of Your Relationship Statement

It is an extremely important question. Ideally, you must mention important aspects of your relationship in the partner visa application form. You can mention everything in 2-3 pages and not more than 4 pages.


Before you begin writing your relationship statement for partner visa application, you must first plan and list things the two of you would like to mention. But be honest about every point mentioned. Remember, there are thousands of relationship statements available with the department to read. Hence, make sure you delineate a consistent and clear relationship statement.

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