Philip is Australia’s Top Immigration Nerd | AMVL Migrations



Some of our staff attended the Immigration Law Conference in Sydney at the start of March. As part of the program and to lighten things up a bit, a competition was held to find the 2017 ‘Immigration Nerd’. Migration agents across Australia were invited to submit an entry in the search for the most obscure item in the Migration Act or Migration Regulations. The best 6 entries were selected and then a panel of experts attempted to decipher each entry.

Two AMVL staff members were selected in the best 6 – Helen Duncan and Philip Duncan with Philip being awarded the honour of the top nerd. Philip’s winning entry concerned Section 80 of the Migration Act which states that if a person leaves


Australia on a vessel which includes a cruise ship, and remains a passenger on that vessel only transiting foreign countries, and the cruise is no longer than 30 days, then they are taken to never have left Australia for migration purposes. This can have important consequences for people on visas who think that by going on a cruise, they are leaving Australia and then re-entering Australia and perhaps being granted another stay period. 
Congratulations Philip!